Choosing the Maid of Honor

Choosing the Maid of Honor

To choose the Maid of Honor can be overwhelming. We are sure you are surrounded of many wonderful women whom you love which make choosing “the one” an outright challenge. Julie Blais Comeau, author of Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility,  suggests:

“a bride should first select her maid of honor with her heart, but there are some practicals things to consider too.” 

Every bride has her own ideas about what a Maid of Honor should do or will do. Janine S. Pouliot, autor of “How to Choose Your Bridesmaids” from the well known site, advice you to evaluate your needs and expectations making yourself the following questions:

“Is this a gala affair with many details you’ll need help coordinating, or a small, no-fuss ceremony? are you the type of person who surrounds herself with friends and needs a sounding board for every decision or do you have only one or two close confidantes?”

It is important that you know the size of ceremony and the tasks your’ll give to your Maid of Honor as it can be that you may need two instead of one because your wedding is too big.

Remember, the Maid of Honor acts as the bride’s best friend, during the wedding preparations and throughout the ceremony. She will be there to soothe your anxiety, help you choose your wedding gown, ensure that the registry is organised and gladly will help you with the invitations.

Your Maid of Honor should be someone who knows you deeply and this doesn’t mean that your cousin or your sister does. You need to feel free to communicate your desires to her, and should be someone who will be for you when you’re feeling overwhelmed; she should also be someone who pay attentions to details, as she should be the one who will be the one who will call the hair stylist if your hair is getting messy before the event ends.

Don’t feel obliged to select someone because of social pressure, remember is your (emphasis on your) big day.

After you made your mind, keep in mind that the person has options and can say yes or no. Danielle Claro, author of How to Have the Wedding You Want (Not the One Everybody Else Wants you to Have) suggests to create a good scenario where you both (the person you’ll ask and you) feel comfortable enough backing out gracefully. Let her know she’s your top 1A but you understand if she has difficulties to take part. Don’t feel offended if she says no. She is doing you a big favor been upfront and honest about her decision.

We hope this short read helped you to make your mind, if you feel we forgot to mention something feel free to let us know on the comments.

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