Ultraviolet Color For 2018 Weddings

Ultraviolet Color For 2018 Weddings

Just as 2017 brought us to “greenery” with its purity and freshness, this new year brings us a violet full of positive energies, magic and mystery. And is that the so-called “Ultra-Violet” (Ultra Violet: 18-3838) is the color that will lead the top weddings of this year.



In addition to having a touch of reality, it can be combined with metallic tones, different shades of blue and, of course, the traditional white.



Color palettes:

– Any metal!

– Similar Colors (Red, grape, lavender)

– Striking colors (Blue, green and orange)

– Traditional! (Black and white)

How to use it?

The best options are the same as with any other color: dresses for your bridesmaids, tablecloths, cake decorations, flowers and bouquet. The possibilities are endless!



“Originality, ingenuity and visionary mentality”. That’s how designers describes Ultraviolet trend, So don’t hesitate to try it.


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