The 5 best places to celebrate your wedding

The 5 best places to celebrate your wedding

Let’s say you are not the traditional type of person, the one that would celebrate its wedding the old fashion way. If that’s the case, then this post is for you! Lose yourself in some tropical island to get married on the shore of a famous beach, or go up to the sky and let the clouds witness your dream day.

  1. The beaches of Ibiza: 

    The sand, the sea and the friends have always been an excellent combination, if we add the family and your significant one, then you have the perfect combination. What could be better than that? Surely you might have Hawaii in mind but… Is that not very common? The beaches of Ibiza are the best option you have at any time of the year.

  2. Las Vegas: 

    Madness and love in Las Vegas, and there is no better place to go crazy with your favorite person by your side, of course, always with caution. Many couples around the world go to this place to consecrate their marriage. Why don’t you?

  3. Wedding under the sea: 

    What’s next? Moon? But come on, have you even considered it? Don’t? Well let us tell you that it is one of the trends this year. Get married while scuba diving! Surrounded by water and fishes. Your best moments under the sea!

  4. In the sky: 

    In a plane? Of course, not. But how about a hot air balloon? Correct answer! In Europe, this was a tradition among some families with this kind of business. What could be better than consecrating your love on the clouds? We are already packing.

  5.  Among Geeks and Freaks:

    Comic-lovers? Gamers? Cosplayers? What could be better than an altar in the middle of a Comic-Con? We can already see your wedding album surrounded by Cosplay and if you’re lucky enough, some famous actor.

Do you have any better or more extravagant idea? Tell us! Let’s see who has the best story for their grandchildren.


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